Welcome to Mayville and thank you for your interest in the City of Mayville's "River Knoll Industrial Park".

After you have had an opportunity to review the information provided on the Industrial Park, the staff at City Hall would be more than happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have.

Also on file, are a favorable soil boring report, topographic mapping, water / wastewater system information, as well as Master Plan information which you may find beneficial. Please contact us if you wish to obtain copies of this information.

River Knoll Industrial Park is located in the Tax Incremental Financing District established by the City of Mayville. We are able to reduce the sale price of land if there is a sufficient tax base generated.

Land costs can be as little as one dollar per acre if you construct a building with a value of $225,000.00 per acre of property acquired.

This value generally has proven to be met by the typical industrial metal building with some masonry as required by the covenants.

Property within the Industrial Park can also be divided to meet your needs.

For the benefit of the occupants of River Knoll Industrial Park, the City of Mayville has placed lighted signage at the southeast entrance to the Park, adjacent to STH 28/67 to provide easy identification for your place of business.

In addition to the City's Industrial Park, Mayville has recently seen subdivision construction completed on the west side that offers a full range of residential property. New residential subdivision development is also occurring at the northwest and southeast corner of the City. Older residential neighborhoods are well kept and reflect well on attitudes and work ethic of our citizenry. Employees who may want to locate here should have an ample supply of housing possibilities.

Also attractive to future residents, is the very generous donation from the Bachhuber Foundation (Ted and Grace Bachhuber). The TAG Center is a 43,000 square foot recreational facility that houses an Aquatic Center with a leisure pool and lap pool, gymnasium, suspended track, and a fitness center.

Names, addresses and phone numbers of the staff and representatives are listed below should you have specific questions or desire more information.

Thank you again for considering River Knoll Industrial Park as your place of business. The City of Mayville and its staff look forward to working with you.

City of Mayville Contact